Site Design & Development

Site design covers two main areas, Style and Content - design with both in mind.

The style (such as layout, imagery, decoration) should be driven by the content and a good design will complement and help deliver the information, not distract from it.  For example, a great landing page would not only look good but also deliver the purpose of the site and what it has to offer within a few seconds and with minimal effort from the user.

To view some of our designs visit the Portfolio Page

Useful links: stock.xchng, The Design Shack


HTML is the code used to define the purpose of the content, such as headings, paragraphs, lists, etc.  Stylesheets written in CSS are then used to style these sections so that they are well designed being easy to follow and understand.

Useful links: CSS Zen Garden, CSSPlay

Front-end Redesign

If the HTML content already exists, but the site needs redecorating, a new design can be introduced with just a new CSS stylesheet and images.

Useful links: Web 2.0 Design Guide

Content Management System (CMS)

Advances in technology have provided new and easier ways of maintaining websites.  With a content management system you can take an active part in creating and editing pages, including text and images, and more. 

There are numerous CMS options available to you, but we think that our own system will provide you with the perfect balance between ease-of-use and flexibility.

Our CMS provides:

  • Add, edit and reorder pages yourself
  • Code is simplified to make it easier to use
  • Edit text and add images in-place with "Live Edit"
  • Stats showing how your customers use your website
  • Auto generated feeds, such as sitemaps


Getting your website onto the internet requires hosting on a server. You are welcome to use our linux servers to host your site. Prices are based on the content of the site, for more information on prices please Contact Us

Hosting includes:

  • Content Management System
  • Mailboxes
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Backups

Hosting does not include the price of the domain, e.g., however we can purchase this at a very reasonable price.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Getting to the top of search engine listings such as Google is big business and often comes with a price.  We have good practical knowledge that will help you to get your site to where you need it. 

Our websites are already structured and coded with these search engines in mind to achieve the best results from the start. We will take you through how to target the content you add to get your site to where it needs to be.

We also provide easy to use and advanced visitor statistics - including information on what search results are bringing customers to your site.

Useful links: Forty's pocket guide

w3c - Web Standards

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), along with others, were the driving force behind the Web Standards movement. "Standards Compliance", "Table-less design", "Validation" and "Web 2.0" all refer to a new and evolving way of designing sites so that they are universal, semantic and behave more predictably across different browsers. The result is faster and cheaper with less code required meaning less bandwidth used. Having a site that is Standards Compliant ensure compatibility with other forms of web browsing such as mobile phones, browsers for people with disabilities and automated search engines such as Google.

All our sites are designed to meet the W3C Guidelines.

Useful links: Web Standards Validator, Designer's Checklist

PHP & MySQL (Database driven sites)

Content managed websites work with a database (MySQL) and scripted pages (PHP) which talk to the database and read/write the necessary information. Also often called dynamic sites they can offer membership, forums, uploading and much more.

A heavily database driven site is Make Your Own Noise! which was tailored to suit the needs of its users.

Javascript Programming

Javascript is a language which is used to program functions and add interactivity to a site. Examples include working with pop-ups, making instant calculations and working with cookies (locally stored data). The design switch on this site is driven by javascript. Good use of javascript will enhance the useability of a website without preventing access for those without javascript.

Javascript designs: MAS Environmental (noise calculator)

Useful links: Javascript Examples

Logo Design / Brand Identity

"Brand identity" is a business' logo, colour scheme and typeface and a good, consistent identity is essential for a professional image.

Think of any well known brand (e.g. a high street shop) and you will be able to identify the colours and lettering that is unique to that company. The most popular logos often consist simply of one single colour and a typeface.

Useful links: lo8os, Color Scheme Generator 2

Flash Animation

Flash is a very powerful program that can handle audio/video, create animations and handle scripting for interactivity such as games. It is very popular for creating moving menus, slideshows and advertisements and certain sites are created entirely in flash.

It's always important to include basic text and functionality for people and applications that can't handle flash.

Flash designs:  The City Warehouse (flash banner), MAS Environmental (noise calculator 2)

Useful links: Adobe